WIBEEE is the energy consumption measuring instrument for single-phase and three-phase circuits that allows easy installation without interrupting the circuit. The ease of assembly together with the visualization of data in real time and stored in the cloud, allows for an immediate and effective analysis of domestic and small businesses consumption, shops, offices. WIBEEE can be connected to the WiFi network or can be requested with NB-IoT communication, the instrument keeps up to 30 days of data in memory in case of lack of connectivity.

WIBEEE uses an APP to configure the module and view the data, you will be able to see not only consumption in real time but also the disaggregation of the consumption of household appliances, you will finally be able to understand how consumption is distributed and consequently try to optimize it. This is possible using a single tool, because WIBEEE recognizes the energy footprint of household appliances and, after collecting a sufficient amount of data, will begin to show you how they are divided. You can also access this data via the WEB, where you can download the data collected in csv format by selecting the period of interest, or enter additional information (rates, time slots, alarms, alarm thresholds) to make the analysis even more accurate.

WIBEEE is available in different models, the ONE and GRIP version for mounting on a circuit breaker, both for single-phase and three-phase circuits, the BOX version which instead supports openable current transformers, the MAX version as a professional tool for energy audits, the PLUG version for measuring consumption and controlling loads on the socket. GROUND is the portable instrument for ground loop impedance measurements in substations.

Through WIBEEE BOX it is possible to monitor the production of a photovoltaic system together with the consumption of the home, be warned if you are not producing in order to intervene promptly.

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Wibeee one is installed on the magnetothermic switch, perfectly hidden in the electrical panel The voltage and power supply of the device takes place via the magnetic terminals, while the measurement of the current via the Hall sensors placed in the “fork” where the cables will be positioned. the case of the GRIP version, the technology used is that of Rogowski probes, with a system that embraces the cable and makes the measurement even more accurate.

ONE and GRIP are available in the SINGLE PHASE version (the position of the Neutral and the Phase is indifferent) and THREE PHASE version with 3 or 4 wires version, with the Neutral positioned on the Right or Left.

Standard connectivity is WiFi or can be ordered in NB-IoT version. The data collection platform is always available regardless of the purchased instrument.

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Wibeee BOX is the most flexible solution of the WIBEEE family, it requires the use of split core Current Transformers, already included in the package, which can be easily connected to the BOX via jack connectors. The voltage measurement uses the magnetic connectors through which, in addition to the measurement, it powers the device.

WIBEEE BOX is available both in the SINGLE-PHASE version, where we can use up to three CTs to monitor specific loads (such as the heat pump or lights) or read the production of a photovoltaic system connected in the same panel or nearby Same tool, more possibilities of use, more flexibility.

The THREE-PHASE version is equipped with three 100 A or 300 A CTs, with the control of the correct phase sequence and verification of correct installation.

They are available with WiFi connectivity or on request with NB-IoT. The data collection platform is always available regardless of the purchased instrument.


WIBEEE PLUG acts as an energy meter for the connected equipment, provides the possibility of connecting/disconnecting the load according to a logic/timetable and can be integrated as an additional device within each WIBEEE profile/account to better manage the management of your loads WIBEEE PLUG is suitable for reading and controlling loads up to 10 A. It is available with WiFi and NB-IoT connectivity and uses the same data collection platform as the other tools
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WIBEEE MAX is the solution designed for energy audits, a complete tool, supplied with a Rogowski probes kit for measurements up to 700 A or 5000 A with selectable full scale, crocodile clips allow for safe use. The instrument can be powered directly from the measuring circuit or separately

Connectivity is available in three versions, WiFi, NB-IoT or Ethernet, specifying the desired one. Comes with a carrying bag The data can be downloaded in real time on the WIBEEE cloud or read directly through the HTTP or TCP protocols. In case of lack of connectivity, WIBEEE MAX has a memory up to 30 days.


WIBEEE GROUND is a professional instrument for checking the resistance of the earth circuit, typically used in substations, it is supplied with two openable CTs and connectors for voltages.

In this case the connectivity available is NB-IoT or ETHERNET

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